Empowerment Life Coaching is for women wanting a lifestyle change.
You may be an empty nester or your children have all started school, and you’re feeling lost or have an emptiness in your life. You may have just lost the fun and challenge in your life and you’re not sure what to do now.


I empower women to live their life to its full potential. I will help you get your zest back for life and help you challenge yourself to discover what you really want to achieve. I will show you how to develop your potential by accessing your inner power to create a strong and confident woman ready to transform your thoughts and beliefs, and to begin living a more fulfilling and purposeful life. You will learn to give yourself permission to have self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

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Email: val.lifeskills@outlook.com


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Discover how the different emotions you are feeling affect you and how gratitude will enhance your life.


Your beliefs and values help form your mindset. Learn how to change your limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs, and how to change your current mindset to start living a growth and abundance mindset.


Discover your new purpose by understanding what is now important in your life and letting go of habits that no will longer align to your new life.


Establish new goals and learn how to achieve them step by step for your new life purpose, without being overwhelmed.


Understand what is impacting your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing and how to elevate your self-care.


Consider what is no longer needed in your thoughts or life as you start your new empowerment journey.


Learn to develop your strengths to overcome any difficulties you encounter.


Continue the shift toward revitalising and living your new and empowering life.


Charge yourself with excitement, confidence, and passion for your new life.


Determine if other requirements are needed for your empowerment journey and what else needs to change. (This will be explored along with Eliminate).


This is your metamorphosis. It’s time to celebrate the change you are experiencing along with the strong confident woman you are now becoming.

To do this, I customise my coaching based on my Valerie Daikee EMPOWERMENT model.